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To each his own
I'm just really bad at these.
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Boys here and Dicks here.
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Fredrik Rättzén
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'Unemployed' series 

Digitally mirrored photos of my shiny collages through a crystal.

Fruschian Void ‘14

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Feelin thirsty ):

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Surreal Anatomical Collages by Bedelgeuse ( Travis Bedel )

Here are my one off cut paper collages.
For prints of my digital collages check out

My artwork is cut paper collage. My tools are glue and razor blades.I cutout from printed vintage etchings and illustrations to recombine them into an amalgamation of anatomical, botanical, and other biological parts. My work varies in size from 5 inches to 6 feet.

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When she traces your tattoos with her fingers


When she traces your tattoos with her fingers

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“Fruits” by Aurel Schmidt  ()

Aurel Schmidt is an artist from Kamloops, BC, Canada currently working out of New York City who embodies luscious fruits and organic vegetables with leafy vaginas and other various private body parts.