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To each his own
I'm just really bad at these.
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wearing my favorite underwear. Today is going to be a great day :3333

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"Hell has no fury like a woman,
Happy scorned or otherwise”
The Avett Brothers - Tales of Coming News


"Hell has no fury like a woman,

Happy scorned or otherwise”

The Avett Brothers - Tales of Coming News

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god damnit i hate when i say shit that i shouldn’t have said

like i trip over the dumbest shit and go off on someone.

and now they’ve responded and im too scared to look at it

because i already want to take it back.

I need to work on not talking when im upset. wah. fuck.

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I just got this new lace bra but have no one to send pictures to. Le sigh

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Snickers mocks the idea that men can respect women.

This is one of the most demoralizing ads I’ve seen in a long time. It’s an Australian ad for Snickers in which construction workers on a busy city street yell pro-feminist comments at women, like “I’d like to show you the respect you deserve” and ”You want to hear a filthy word? Gender bias” and “You know what I’d like to see? A society in which the objectification of women makes way for gender neutral interaction free from assumptions and expectations.”

The construction workers are actors, but the women on the street are (or appear to be) real and their reactions authentic. The first thing women do is get uncomfortable, revealing how a lifetime of experience makes them cringe at the prospect of a man yelling at them.  But, as women realize what’s going on, they’re obviously delighted.  They love the idea of getting support and respect instead of harassment from strange men.

This last woman actually places her hand on her heart and mouths “thank you” to the guys.

And then the commercial ends and it’s all yanked back in the most disgusting way. It ends by claiming that pro-feminist men are clearly unnatural. Men don’t respect women — at least, not this kind of man — they’re just so hungry they can’t think straight.

The twist ending is a genuine “fuck you” to the actual women who happened to walk by and become a part of the commercial.  I wonder, when the producers approached them to get their permission to be used on film, did they tell them how the commercial would end? I suspect not. And, if not, I bet seeing the commercial would feel like a betrayal. These women were (likely) given the impression that it was about respecting women, but instead it was about making fun of the idea that women deserve respect.

What a dick move, Snickers. I hope you’re happy with your misogynist consumer base, because I don’t think I can ever buy a Snickers bar again.  What else does your parent company sell? I’ll make a note.

Thanks to sociologist and pro-feminist Michael Kimmel for sending in the ad.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

well thats fucked up

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